Braid Rings for Hair and Dreadlocks, 20 pieces of Gold Loops Jewelry Review

Braid Rings for Hair and Dreadlocks, 20 pieces of Gold Loops Jewelry

  • ACCESSORIZE YOUR BRAIDS- Gold loops stand out in your hair and adds attention getting details to your look
  • EASY TO USE- braid hair, bend a ring open, and squeeze closed on your hair braid
  • GREAT VALUE- Bulk pack of 20 loops and made of a durable lasting steel
  • MULTIPURPOSE- Can be used on all types of styles: Dreads, braids, extensions, updos and more
  • SIZE: 1cm, 20 pieces total

Trend Alert! Braid rings are popping up everywhere this season! Get this hot look with this pack of 20 metal hair rings…the perfect way to accessorize your braids or dreadlocks! The loops are made from a durable stainless steel that bends open and can be squeezed tight to close on your braid. Add a twist to your usual hairstyle! Directions for using Hair Rings Step One: Braid your hair into the desired style. Step Two: Push sides to open the hair ring. This can be done with your fingers, or a pair of household pliers. Make sure you push the ring open, and do not pull it apart. Step Three: Insert the ring into desired location on your braid and rotate so the opening is showing. Step Four: Close the ring with fingers or pliers. Rotate the ring again so the closure point is not showing. Step Five: Rock your look!

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