FINGER LOVE Handmade Carved Natural Wood Hair Stick Lily Gift Box Set (Lily Lignum-vitae Wood) Review

FINGER LOVE Handmade Carved Natural Wood Hair Stick Lily Gift Box Set (Lily Lignum-vitae Wood)

  • Total length: 7.1″ Material: Lignum-vitae Wood
  • All measurements are approximate and are provided for informational purposes only.Wood tone/texture may vary. Wooden hairsticks or combs should not be in exposure to direct sunshine for long time. They should not be in water either (e.g. in shower). Keep them dry. Apply walnut oil and wipe/polish with soft fabric once a month would be better..
  • Frequency using will make it more smooth and shining.
  • Fits for all ladies and girls. Perfect as a gift.
  • Package: 1 PCS Hair Stick with a gift box and bag ( Package bag print our LOGO FINGER LOVE)

Color:Lily Lignum-vitae Wood

Chinese hair stick manufacturing has a rather long history that can track back to over 4000 years in Shang Dynasty. In ancient China both men and women like to use hair stick. It is also a custom for Chinese ancient Emperor to give hair stick to their ministers as a precious gift at the festival. Chinese hair stick usually made of wood, stone, pottery, animal bone and horn, jade, seashell, precious metal and so on
With the development of modern manufacturing skills and technologies, modern hair sticks have better workmanship than before, Breezelike produce the best quality hair stick in China. We use ebony and green sandalwood as raw material, and there are many benefits of using these natural woods to produce hair sticks.

Chinese hair stick embodies Chinese traditional culture, every style has different meanings or stories.
FINGER LOVE hair sticks are all hand-carved, so every single one is unique.
Sandalwood have natural fragrant which is good for human’s health.
FINGER LOVE hair sticks are made of natural wood, and with frequency using will make it more smooth and shining.

Avoid immersing your comb in water especially hot water, as it would cause it to distort.
Avoid collision with the hard objects, and avoid cut by the sharp objects.
Avoid exposure to corrosive chemicals like perfume, alcohol and so on.
Avoid putting your comb in environment of high temperature, and avoid exposing it in the sunlight.

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